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Vancouver Bollywood Makeup Artist to conduct courses

Famous International Vancouver makeup artist, Shaifa, who has been giving ravishing looks to Hollywood and Bollywood filmstars when they are filming in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, will be in London's multicultural channel  today.

Shaifa will be appearing on Mumbai's local television and fashion channel to give quick tips in make up, party make-ups, styling and personal grooming. Ms Shaifa has been associated with Bollywood films that have been shot in Vancouver, Canada for the past 6 years. She was the first to appear on the local casting show to create Bollywood actresses in the making in Vancouver' s Bollywood studio, also known as Hollywood North.

Shaifa  has worked as a make-up artist for for more than twelve years. The show will air via satellite on London's famous music channel here at 9:30pm.

The quick tips conducted by Ms Shaifa have been professionally formulated coupled with practical training. The viewers will experience first-hand make-uup skills on all basic application and techniques. —VTV






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